About Us

The White Unicorn Project is a new "not for profit" organisation based in Kexby near Gainsborough. We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee, registered in England with Companies House and the CIC regulator no: 09761683.The company was registered on the 3rd September 2015 and started trading in June 2016. We are licensed by West Lindsey District Council and are fully insured.  

Our Aims

The White Unicorn Project will work with children, young people and residents within Gainsborough and surrounding areas. The key aims of the project are to: 

  1. Work with local schools, community groups and the private sector to deliver provision aimed at children, young people, adults and the elderly within the local Gainsborough community through interacting with both horses and nature.
  2. Work with children, young people, adults and the elderly to enhance their social, psychological and emotional well-being through interacting with horses and nature.Provide children and young people with an experience that encourages the development of life skills and core values through learning good horsemanship and interacting with horses and nature. 
  3. Help prepare children and young people for the transition into adulthood by providing activities that develop their resilience and the social and emotional skills they need for life through interacting with horses and nature. 
  4. Work with children and young people to learn about themselves through non-formal educational activities which combine enjoyment, challenges and learning using distinctive techniques such as experienced based learning, experiential learning and participating in group work whilst interacting with our horses and nature.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a unique experience with horses and nature that enables individuals to thrive physically, emotionally and mentally assisting them to reach their overall potential.

Our Mission

The White Unicorn Project’s mission is to support individuals by giving them an experience that facilitates individuals to reach their overall potential through learning good horsemanship and developing a good relationship with animals, people and nature. The project will be environmentally sustainable and community enhancing.

 Our Values 

  • We will provide experience based learning that encourages and develops life skills and core values, helping people to achieve their full potential. 
  • We will provide a welcoming, respectful, and safe environment that prevents any form of bullying or violence.
  • We believe in open, honest, cooperation and communication.
  • We value all users of the project both people and animals.
  • We will create an ethos and conditions that support positive behaviors for learning and for successful relationships.
  • We believe in responsible fiscal management.
  • We will provide a non-academic and non-competitive environment. 
  • We believe that horses deserve to be treated and supported in the same way as the humans that care for them.
  • We believe that to create a natural bond with horses, we must approach the horse as an equal. We earn his trust by being consistent, honest, congruent and respectful.
  • We believe that the project should be environmentally sustainable. We will use rain water harvesting, recycling of materials, and use solar lighting.

Our Philosophy

We believe that horses deserve to be treated and supported in the same way as the humans that care for them. To create a natural bond, we must approach the horse as an equal. Neither horse nor human should be submissive, and neither should be dominant. A horse needs us to be an honest leader who he feels safe with. We earn his trust by being consistent, honest, congruent and respectful. Equally, we should always be willing to enter into two way communication and allow the horse free choice (within a set of boundaries). Our horses thrive on this approach.

Our horses are valued members of our family.  A horse’s first need is to feel safe. Then they must have water, food, companionship and a place to live in harmony with nature.All our horses live in the most natural state we can provide.  They are barefoot and roam freely around the Paddock Paradise which includes plenty of trees for shade and shelter. They are free to come into their shelters or under cover when they feel necessary. Living like this encourages them to be willing, healthy and happy to be with us. 

We encourage new ideas when working with our horses, thinking outside the box and trying to understand our horses’ needs. We are continually discovering ways to communicate with horses and improve our understanding of them.