The White Unicorn AW-tistic Project

The White Unicorn AW-tistic Project aims to help improve the quality of life and independence skills of adults with autism in the local area. Supporting people with ASD who are at risk of developing mental health problems to stay well, is at the heart of the project.

We have a secure, quiet, informal outdoor environment, giving you the security and confidence to engage in activities that you might otherwise not try or be available to you.

There will be opportunities for you to spend time with our horses, relax in and care for our garden and woodland, do some arts and crafts, look after our site, make friends, or just unwind and share some light refreshments with us.

Most importantly you can come to the project talk about how you experience the world and know that others, even if their experiences are not exactly the same, will not judge you.

To find out more and to register your place on the project please contact Lorraine on:

07584 432935 /