Our Team


Lorraine looks after our herd of horses and enjoys working with people of all ages with our horses. Lorraine looks after our facilities and also likes to work with people in our garden, do art and crafts and look after our magical woodland. 


Caroline looks after our herd of horses and loves coaching/teaching people of all ages in our unique approach to horsemanship. She especially enjoys working with children and adults with learning disabilities. 

Kokopelli Jack

Jack takes the stallion position in our herd and looks after the herd. He is noble, handsome, strong and proud. Jack likes to be treated with dignity and respect. One of Jacks favorite things to do, is to stand on a log. Jack loves to have a glass of apple juice when he has finished his work. He also likes to eat the herbs that grow in the garden. 


Romera is the lead mare within our herd and likes to oversee the whole project. She is gentle, patient and kind.  Romera loves to give everyone kisses and play the piano. She enjoys a digestive biscuit with her glass of apple juice and also loves to eat the flowers that grow in the garden. 


Bailey's a very lovable pony and likes being around people. She loves learning new things and always trys really hard. When she wants to tell you something she nudges you with her nose. She lived at Bransby Horses before coming to The White Unicorn Project. Originally she was a wild pony living on Bodmin Moor.


Magick is our little magician, she's always up to mischief! Magick is the baby of the herd, although she doesn't think she should be! When she thinks no one is watching, she likes to break into the hay barn and feed room. Magick loves to have banana when she has finished her work.