Our Services

Our horses have a solid foundation of training and are willing partners. Group sizes will always be kept small so learning is safer and everyone can be supported appropriately

Services For Children and Young People

Kids Club - A Morning of Fun and Learning!

Alternate Sunday's 10.30am to 12pm 

Come and join us at our kids club. Open to all children and young people from 5 years upwards. All abilities welcome.

Each week we will have lots of fun learning natural horsemanship skills on the ground and how to care for our small team of horses.  

Lots of different activities which include:

  • natural horsemanship games
  • grooming and pampering
  • caring for our horses
  • how horses and ponies think and see the world
  • horse agility
  • fun quizzes and games 

Everyone attending will have the opportunity to work towards our unique set of achievement awards.

£10 per person. 

There are limited places so booking is essential.

Horsemanship Lessons

For those children and young people interested in learning more about horsemanship we all also offer private coaching sessions.

Activity Days

Over the weekend and during the school holidays we will offer a variety of activity days. Examples of activity days include:

  • Own a Pony Day 
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Medicine Horse Day
  • Horse Painting Day
  • Native American Indian Day
  • Own a Pony Day with a Difference!
  • Halloween Spook - tastic Day

Services For Adults

Throughout the year we will run a number of day courses open to all adults. Planned day courses for later in 2017 include: 

  • Herd watching day
  • Paradise Paddock - Our journey 
  • Horse psychology day
  • Horse agility day

For those interested in learning more about horsemanship we all also offer private coaching sessions.

Services for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

At The White Unicorn Project we understand how important horses can be to both children and adults with learning disabilities.

Children and adults with learning disabilities (and in particular autistic spectrum disorders) benefit from interacting with horses due to the motor, emotional, and sensory sensations that come from interacting with horses. 

Rather than verbal communication, children and adults experience physical communication with the horses. By learning to care for and interact with the horses, they associate this interaction with feelings and an emotional bridge is created. This bond can lead to social and communication skill production, development of cognitive and language skills, and the stimulation of sensory perception which will continue to enrich their lives in the future. 

We offer: 

  • Tailored sessions with our horses.
  • Activity days both equine and non-equine based.
  • The opportunity to just spend time with our horses and in nature.